The Constitution is one of the most important documents of the United States. The Constitution is a set of rules or laws the people and government of the United States must follow. It was written in 1787 and replaced the Articles of Confederation, which was the constitution for the 13 original colonies.The three main parts to the Constitution include the preamble, amendments, and the Bill of. 2022. 7. 28. · the importance of managers involving staff in the issue of timekeeping the documents, ideas, and people that influenced the creation of the Constitution A place in space where new stars are formed 2 The second, The Constitution, replaced the Articles when it was ratified by New Hampshire on June 21, 1788 The First Continental Congress had written the. The Articles of Confederation , the United States ' first constitution , were ratified by the Continental Congress on November 15 , 1777 , but the states did not ratify them until March 1 , 1781 . The Articles formed a loose confederation of sovereign states with a weak central government , with state governments wielding the majority of power. 2020. 5. 8. · The Articles went into effect on March 1, 1781, after each of the 13 states had ratified them. The Articles of Confederation lasted until March 4, 1789, when they were replaced by the U.S. Constitution. They had lasted for just.

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