The first time I try to send back to another wallet, you can see in activity that the transaction is “with errors” and in transaction data it says “ Transaction decoding is not available for. For pending transactions that give no prompt in Ledger, make sure that ledger live is closed or restart your browser.. "/>

Select "Send". 6. Select "C Contract" as the Source Chain. 7. Enter your MetaMask wallet address by copying and pasting it into the "To Address" field on your Avalanche wallet. 8. Confirm, and finalize the transaction. Congratulations! You now have AVAX on your MetaMask wallet and can start using Avalanche with MetaMask.. Users need to approve the transaction before committing it. Finally, click on the Bridge Token button to submit your request. Once the transaction is successful, you can check the destination wallet address for the token. Avalanche Network Details. Use the following details to add the Avalanche network to your Metamask wallet. Are you relatively new to crypto and struggling to learn your way around exchanges and their functions? Check out this beginner friendly article I wrote and stay informed! 👨‍💼.

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