This mod adds swimming skill (separately to fitness). Now, be careful with this mod. If your Sim can't swim or has low level (0-2 swimming skill level) they can really easily drown if you spend in the water too much time! It includes also swimming in the ocean if you have Island Living, so don't go far away at the beginning. Important! there is a known bug that I am not able to fix, I still. Aug 02, 2021 · If you’re looking for more realistic gameplay to make your stories more compelling and realistic, the mods and custom content have got you covered. These mods can infuse a lot to the Sims 4 which actually makes the game resonate more with reality. It's a well-designed attribute, and I like having the option to make my sim a haughty jerk if I'm doing one of "those" playthroughs. 29. Autism in Sims 4. Download this MOD. This is a serious trait mod, but it's one that everyone who wants a realistic experience in their game should have.

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