2. Raindrop.io. Our second choice is Raindrop.io. This is a user-friendly and sleek bookmark manager. It has all the necessary features you would want in a good bookmark manager app. With the help of this application, you can save any type of web content, including photos, web pages, articles, etc. Obsidian is extensible, and there are dozens of free community plugins available within the application. Two other features are worth mentioning. Obsidian provides a simple way to publish notes to the internet, and it stores all of your files in plaintext Markdown files containing only the text you enter. Obsidian. Manage Your Content and Devices. 4. Journaling - custom generated template of what I need to records/daily tasks etc. 5. Viewports in taskwiki are amazing, eg: for any project related notes I can do write `# Task | project:Pro1 and +PENDING` to list pending tasks in Pro1, you can also configure to use tags like development, bug reports etc.

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