Hey there Klipper Skippers, Just made the transition to Klipper to attempt to get some better print times. Done the calibrations and have Pressure Advance set to 0.55, max_ accel : 3000 left at default, and retraction set to 0.75, and printing at 100mm/s. The. This parameter must be specified. #max_accel_to_decel: # A pseudo acceleration (in mm/s^2) controlling how fast the # toolhead may go from acceleration to deceleration. It is used to # reduce the top speed of short zig-zag moves (and thus reduce # printer vibration from these moves).. Adding Klipper is a little more involved. To run klipper, the host must be running: Octoprint+octoklipper module and Klippy from the Klipper repository. Klipper on the host - pre-merge of H32. There are many vids and articles on getting Klipper going from the Klipper repository.. "/> radius of.

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