A Yoshikage Kira x Reader and Kujo Jotaro x Reader collection that are all connected. [X] Adopt her.I need a place to hoarde my JJBA x Reader illustrations, and what better place than here! Enjoy some messy artwork, feel free to comment or DM requests, I'll likely do all of them (though it may take some time). Oct 21, 2020 · Jotaro Jotaro. What is Demon X Pregnant Reader. Unknown - He has a crush on Kitty, despite her being with Chris. Chapter 165-Pregnant 3 days ago. "Soulographie: Our Genocides," a series of 17 plays by Erik Ehn, is being presented at La MaMa, the first time they have been presented as a group. Pairing: Jotaro Kujo x fem!reader x. Listen to PTSD by Rod Wave, 14,287 Shazams, featuring on Rod Wave Essentials Apple Music playlist. ... Shadowproof is a reader -supported press organization devoted to exposing abuses of power in government and business. honeychurch. Harvest Prep develops. ... Jotaro X Injured Reader . Ucc1 Birth Certificate. 2021. 1. 9. · Fanfiction Romance Angst Slight Role Reversal Jotaro x Reader Jotaroxreader. [Jotaro x Reader] [Post-Stardust Crusaders AU] A few years after defeating Dio, Joseph wants to have a fun reunion with the crusaders (since everyone is ALIVE in this story). However, you are the only one that does not RSVP to this event.

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