Nur wenn Sie ein Fanatec® Lenkrad mit Multi-Position-Switches nutzen (wie z.B. das ClubSport Lenkrad Formula V2.5) ist dies verfügbar. ... please reach out to the Fanatec Technical support. 1.-Comment démarrer Avant de brancher le volant McLaren GT3 sur une base de volant (CSW V2.5, CSW V2, CSL E WB et CSL E WB PS4), téléchargez le dernier pilote Fanatec (v310 ou. Calibration clubsport v2 . 5 . So i have just got the v2 . 5 with the v3 pedals and the clubsport formula v2 , so i set it all up downloaded the firmware and now im having issues calibration the wheel, everytime i center the wheel the press the 2 sticks it jumps to -289 on the meter in the tuning menu, i have tried everything and still does it, all.

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