ikayaa Christmas Tree 220 LEDs 7.2' Warm White Willow Indoor Outdoor. $78.99. ikayaa Christmas Tree 156 LEDs 4.9' Warm White Willow Indoor Outdoor. $59.31. Romacci Christmas Tree 128 LEDs 3.9' Cold White Willow Indoor Outdoor. $44.00. 20 Weeping Willow Trees - Ready to Plant - Beautiful Arching Canopy. Reduced price.. Corkscrew Willow doesn't mind "wet feet," which is a condition that causes other tree roots to rot. This trait firmly establishes Corkscrew Willow on any "rain garden" plant list. So if you have a spot in your yard (away from septic tanks and drain fields) where standing rain is a problem that prevents other plants from growing there, order ....

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