Today's Prayer Points: Prayers points for Open Heavens 12 June 2022. Today's Powerful Confession: I confess today the Most High is my employer. I work for God therefore I do not lack people, resources, good health, wisdom, direction, counsel, and every good thing. I serve the Lord truthfully and I enjoy the blessings thereof in the mighty. True prayer must be characterized by glorifying God, declaring His holiness, upholding His sovereign will and His rule, ' submitting' our needs and requests to Him, confessing our unworthiness and such Overall, it starts and ends with glorifying God. When we pray, we must seek for God's will to be done first and foremost. Should Christians Decree And Declare Things In Prayer? Always Start Your Day With A Powerful Early Morning Prayer And It Will Change Your Life. Prayer points. 1. Father I thank you for helping me this far, in Jesus name. 2. Spirit of hatred and 4. As from today, I decree divine favour on me, in Jesus' name. 5.

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