Runs just fine on Mac + J5, but Windows gives me access denied on any port (including as administrator) Also, maybe try to lengthen the Timeouts in the bottom left of that screen Serial Terminal Windows You may have to reboot if arduino is acting up as well Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to. . Right clicking the icon and selecting Properties from the pop-up menu brought up a dialog box. First, in the Location tab, I ensured the checkbox "Run application on this computer" was turned on: Next, the Security tab looked like the following: This is the crux of the solution. Different usb cable, numerous restarts ,reload drivers ect. I grabbed a new from package UNO and I can't even load blink on it. The UNO powers up, is recognized on the com port, and returns the board info when requested from under the "tools" heading. I just cant get win 10 to let me use the com port to upload a program.

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