A point mass m is rigidly attached at the circumference of uniform Ring of same mass. It is at same horizontal position as centre of ring. The minimum coefficient of friction between ring and ground so that there is pure rolling of ring on surface just after system is released is: Am/s 2 =5.5 mph/s. This means that if you speed up to 5.5 mph in .... convert matrix to raster r. room to rent in johannesburg for r1000. power bi field icons meanings. superior health plan nurse line. hunter zg solo farm. lg 49 inch monitor 144hz; list different safety precautions required for handling industrial hydraulic system. sherbet homes santa monica address. rectangle astrology. Correct Answer - B The distance of C M C M from the ring centre O O x = 3m(0) + m(r) 3m + m = r 4 x = 3 m ( 0) + m ( r) 3 m + m = r 4 we can apply torque equation about point of contanct as the ring is rolling 4mg( r 4) = [(3mr2 + mr2) + m(AP)2]α 4 m g ( r 4) = [ ( 3 m r 2 + m r 2) + m ( A P) 2] α. A particle of mass m is rigidly attached at A to a ring of mass 3m and radius r. The system is released from rest and rolls without sliding. The angular acceleration of ring just after release is A 4rg B 6rg C 8rg D 2rg Hard Solution Verified by Toppr Correct option is A) Moment of intertial of the system is I=3mr 2+mr 2=4mr 2 using τ=I∝=4mr 2 .....

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